The Allman Brother’s Show

In Uncategorized on March 18, 2009 at 2:08 pm

Going to work can be dangerous, I was at my desk innocently wasting time and chatting about March Madness, No business and Music , when Brandon told me he had been to 3 Allman concerts already and I should go too! The dog was at grandma’s ,I had no plans so I took the bus crosstown and down roadway to the Beacon. There were no tickets for sale, but as I left the box office a guy whispered:”Wanna ticket?” and in I went. The Beacon renovation is fabulous and  took my seat early with the beer that I bought to get into the mood. I was amazed at all the families. No one told me I should wear my AB outfit. Didn’t think you have to look like the to like them; oh well.

The screen behind the stage was a trip from the Filmore in 1969 complete with the magic mushroom cartoons. The boys rambled on to he stage 1/2 hour late and jumped into “Statesboro Blues”.I am always touched by the sentimental lyrics of this song: I’m goin to the country, baby do you want to go. If you can’t make it baby your sister Lucille say she want to go.” Ah poetry!!! It went on from there with John  Hammond & Bonnie ( remember Delaney& Bonnie) an Was loud and long.

I’ll repeat the conversation I had with the young man next to me in it’s entirety: “You know there is a debate that Derrick is as good as Dwayne” and I gave the correct rebuttal to end all further discussion “no” and he agreed. That being said the whole show revolved around Derrick and he is Fabulous! He never runs out of ideas and plays like crazy.

You can never go home again(Thomas Wolfe) but it is nice to visit once in a while. I went to the Bar at the break and got a JD neat to be in the right frame of mind and went back to enjoy the rest of the show and think about a long time ago and what a long strange trip it’s been; oh no that’ s the DEAD! FLash back?????

  1. I just can’t believe you went without me! Seriously, it sounds like a terrific time!

  2. Next time 4 sure

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