Dee Dee Bridgewater @ Zankel Hall

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2009 at 1:35 pm

And while we are going to different kinds of shows up pops La Diva’s HONOR! series at Carnegie hall. Haven’t heard from Dee Dee in a long time; since the Wiz?, and thought it would be fun. She did a 2 hour show with no break and a quartet to blow your head off. She started with Latin, Afro-Cuban, and moved to Mali, her “roots” trip, included Coltrane and finished with “Compared to What”. This was some show ! She is in great voice and the material is relevant, whatever that mean.

Wish there was more diversity in the audience to “proof” what her theme is. The tickets are not out of sight so I can’t figure it out. Big stars like this really need a crowd and she got one last night. Fifty-Nine years old and she didn’t let up for one second. she made references to Odetta and Nina Simone and Billy and Ella and the big band singers, she started there, and African and Latin and WOW this was some show and I’m glad to have swapped a ticket to see it.


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