Cav/Pag @ the Met

In Uncategorized on March 31, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Jose Cura has taken over both Triddu and Canio form Roberto Alanga for this run with much anticipation. He is a strong presence on stage a a wonderful voice, a little dissappointng in the Canio role, but he fills the stage with the characters he is playing. Ildiko Komlosi as Santuzza in Cav is a great fit. She has the look of the “abandoned ” woman and is arresting when she pleads with Mamma Lucia, Jane Bunnell, who looks like she is going to cook some pasta to calm everyone down and sings too, and Alfio, Alberto Mastrmarino, very real. Grand opera and can’t sound better than from The Met Orchestra, Pietro Rizzo on the stick!  with the Zeffirelli sets; the” why can’t they leave the productions alone arguments can br heard from the non fans of the new La Sonnombula”

Pagliacci is so strong that we forget because it’s always the second half. It is so like a TV show with the out sized characters and wonderful melodies and the chance for everyone to be mean spirited. Nuccia Focile as Nedda stole the show, and got a big hand, but Cura is a force and we loved him!!!!


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