George Wein @ Carnegie hall

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2009 at 1:34 pm

George started the Newport Jazz festival over 50 years ago and some of the players are still proforming with him. When his wife , Joyce , Died he started a public mourning process that must be hard for him. It’s a little like a museum where the diplsy is live music, great but dated. Too bad there is nothing happening that is new; rock music is the same, see my Allman Bros blog. That being said the playing is wonderful, . Sat next to Dick Hyman’s wife and she was so charming and added “color commentary” too make the concert even better. Here are the players:

Howard Alden, Guitar
Regina Carter, Violin
Evan Christopher, Clarinet
Jimmy Cobb, Drums
Anat Cohen, Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone
Dick Hyman, Piano
Jay Leonhart, Bass
Ken Peplowski, Clarinet
Bucky Pizzarelli, Guitar
Larry Ridley, Bass
Randy Sandke, Trumpet
Lew Tabackin, Tenor Saxophone
Warren Vaché, Trumpet
George Wein, Piano
Jackie Williams, Drums

Everyone knew Joyce and played something dedicated to her, very touching. I got this ticket on a trade from another concert and really am happy to hear these giants!


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