Die Walkure @ the Met

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2009 at 2:37 pm

I know, I know, it was last Saturday that we saw this wonderful second part of the Ring cycle. I don’t know how people go in 5 days. It would be weeks before I could speak. This is the first Met Die Walkure that didn’t have Placido and Deborah so it was a shock.the Cast

Conductor: James Levine
Brünnhilde: Iréne Theorin
Sieglinde: Waltraud Meier
Fricka: Yvonne Naef
Siegmund: Gary Lehman
Wotan: James Morris
Hunding: John Tomlinson

was superb though even the last minute substitution of John Botha by Gary Lehman; who did a bang up job and got a deserved standing O. Maybe because there was not so much star power the story came through more . Or there was better acting?

The Met Orchestra is THE RING orchestra and Jimmy made it the best! James Morris has to retire; how can he be a better Wotan? The 5.5 hours flies by, can’t even tell people that ,they call the mind police. The objective that Wagner had becomes apparent with this opera. That is, to move the story forward with dialog and music hints, leitmotif, and still be great music. Every one loves this production and thinks it is the definitive Ring, but in Europe they are always pushing the envelope to make it more “modern”

I love the way that this goes from the river bottom, and the caves, to the mountains,  where the gods are and finally levels out in the natural world that men{people} inhabit . Almost like a fairy tale! As with all things next will come and we’ll always love this great production!!!


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