Frank LLoyd Wright@ the Guggenheim

In Arts & Theater & Music& Opera on May 15, 2009 at 5:27 pm

For the Guggenheim’s 50th birthday how fitting to look at how it came to be. The museum is stuffed with FLW drawings and concepts and models and videos that are interspersed in such a way that you never tire of each format. The show is huge and will take a few visits to get through, but for the one time first time visitor it shows the great man’s vision for a better world through architecture. Some of the side galleries are dramatically lit to good advantage; and you wander in and back out to the Rotunda and never lose the thread of the show. The Ayne Randish super cities of the future in Bagdad and Asia are almost cute in the rear view mirror of what actually happened. Our boy Frank really deserves this show. The recent Hadid concepts, and all the Gehry buildings, and Koolhaus rebuilding China and don’t leave out the Piano  portfolio are a post script of Wright’s inspired view of what might happen in architechture and how it might save us from ourselves, not.


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