reasons to be pretty@ The Lyceum

In Uncategorized on May 25, 2009 at 3:15 pm

Lot’s of cursing must make up for good dialouge on Broadway today. These four actors were very strong in a good, but not great play by Neil LaBute. The New Yorker and the Times loved this production, but it left something on the table and I’m not sure what. Marin Ireland  as Steph,was a REAL girlfriend, yelling at Thomas Sadowski, Greg, for some precieved slight and he took the beating as he tried to figure out what exactly happened. The point of the play is that he does figure it out. The other couple Piper Perabo, Carly , the prettiest security guard on the planet, and Steven Pasquale as her cheating husband Kent , are the measure of Greg’s understanding. Greg hangs with Kent at the warehouse where they work and thinks Kent is cool. When Kent confides  that he is sleeping with a younger woman, who works at the factory, something clicks with Greg and they finally come to blows as Greg sees what a phony Kent is. When Carly confides that she is pregnant and wonders if Kent is fooling around, Greg covers for his pal at first and then turns him in, a weak point in the plot. Steph comes to tell Greg she has found some one , and give him one more chance, he has grown up enough to see that he can’t be a husband to Steph and finally tells her she is pretty, get it?

The sets worked but the music that played as the sets were changed was too noisy, warehouse rock & roll maybe, I didn’t get that part. reasons to be pretty might win a Tony and might deserve it, but there are better plays coming from Neil.


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