Lorin Maazel@ The NY Philharmonic

In Uncategorized on June 19, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Lorin Maazel is leaving the NY Philharmonic in great shape for Alan Gilbert . His farewell is long and the part I saw on Thursday night was a great coda to his tenure. Starting out with two rarely heard Maazel compositions and finishing, no pun intended? with Sibelius’  Symphony No. 2 is great programming. Morocco Fanfares was a short piece that is almost melodic and 20 years old. Followed by Farewells, a noisy 20 minutes from 10 years ago that I was in a minority by liking. Maazel has not played his own compositions much so this was a treat. To appease the audience the Symphony No. 2 was as good as it gets. The sound in the much maligned Avery Fisher Hall was sublime. The waves of sound and the horn accents that make this piece were perfect and the audience responed with a great ovation for Maazel and the individuals that he recognized and our wonderful NY Philharmonic. Bon Voyage Maestro!


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