The Chimes@SPF/The Public Theater

In Uncategorized on July 16, 2009 at 1:15 pm

This new play by Kevin Christopher Snipes is the opener at the SPF festival this year : . And it’s a winner! Follow the link to find out these are $10 tickets because it’s the best deal in town. Back to The Chimes. A fortieth year reunion in 1980 brings the surviving two private school pals together with all the damage and the ghosts of what happened as Barrington Boys all those years ago and how they never came to terms with their lives. The audience sees the “boys” act out their little Shakespeare spouting bratty gang thing. As Nick and Birdie drink their way into being honest about what happened; the boys tell the story in alternating scenes. The headmaster, a closet Nazi, won’t let the Jewish professor direct Marcus as Shylock in “Merchant Of Venice ” do the speech that makes Shylock human and Marcus plots to put it in anyway and is caught and both he and Nick are expelled for “inappropriate” behavior in Nick’s room. Marcus tries to get into the room and falls and is crippled and kills himself . Vivien and Birdie go off to war and Vivien is killed. Birdie manages to find Nick, who is not in any records at the school and has left no trail, address or phone number. And they find out the truth about each other, and themselves. The Chimes needs some work and polish to bring it to off broadway, but it should be easily done. This a gem that I hope makes it.


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