Summer @ The New Museun

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2009 at 1:38 pm

Emery Douglas, David Goldblatt, and Dorothy Iannone make a big summer show at The New Museum. The opening party is my way (isn’t that a song?) to get a take on material that I don’t know. And it’s fun to go to parties at The New Museum.
Emery Douglas is the main draw; he was a big time force in the Black Panthers in the 60’s. There are a lot of posters and maybe it’s nostalgic at some level. I see it as a white guy from that time and really was only marginally aware that it was going on; what with being a hippie and listening to all the music and the summer of love and all. There is a connection to the posters for the music and festivals of that era that took some of the sting out of the work. It’s interesting to think that this was the same time and yet a different world for me.
Which brings in David Goldblatt, an artist from South Africa who was taking photos of the daily existence of locals living with apartheid. The sharp contrast of the oppression with these everyday scenarios makes a chilling statement of how poorly these people were treated. And their Black Panther cousins in America finding their way into the main steam ; to have opportunities and educations and live the American dream.
Dorothy Iannone is relevant to the show with her finding a sexual freedom to be considered with “the guys”. As the time line of her relationships becomes the art instillation, it seemed to me to be a thread of the show; To find a way in the world that is dignified and allows one follow a dream and be treated fairly in that search


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