We Declare You A Terrorist @ The Public

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2009 at 1:37 pm

When tickets are $10, You can take a chance on new material and be part of the selection process to see what gets to off Broadway and beyond. The SPF festival is exciting for that and you get to see some new talent in a professional setting. This play was the third in my series and my least favorite so far. Tim J. Lord took the siege of a Moscow theater by Chechnyan terrorists and wove a double story, this might be the theme of this years festival, of the women in the theater speaking to her captive,The Writer of the show, and his interrogation when he tries to go to Chechnya four years later as her becomes obsessed with the plight of the Chechnyans. There are no winners here, just the pain of two sides locked in mortal combat. It is very relevant to many places in our world now and for that it has a lot of power, but the material falls short of it’s goal despite strong performances from the cast. This play needs some work and it will be a stunner !


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