Taka Kigawa @ Le Poisson Rouge

In Uncategorized on August 26, 2009 at 1:40 pm

It’s sort of fun to hear ‘classical” music in a rock concert format. I can’t say that standing for a hour and a half is the best but, it was worth it to hear Taka Kigawa play some Boulez, a little early composition and a very late series and Murail, who I don’t know, with some Bach thrown in, he’s modern according to Taka, and ending with Legiti. This was a daunting program for a very talented, and unknown to me, pianist. He played with great style and drama, making the difficult music accessible and fun to hear. It’s important to hear this music and Taka made it easy in this rock concert format. That’ why there is only standing room for these events. People want to enjoy the music and Le Poisson Rouge is the place to do it. A $15 cover and great beers on tap and a nice menu and good service make this the best deal in town. Let’s hear more of our new pal Taka Kigawa


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