The Creation @ Avery Fisher Hall

In Uncategorized on August 26, 2009 at 1:45 pm

I don’t think that I ever heard The Creation by Joseph Haydn and can’t imagine why after the performance at Avery Fisher Hall. Last minute Goldstar tickets found me dead center in the hall to hear The Festival Orchestra and Chorus give a delightful rendition of Haydn’s Creation. There was a superstructure over the stage that seemed to make the much knocked sound way better. The story, you can guess the ending, is told by a soprano, Carolyn Sampson, a bass, Peter Rose, and a tenor, Mathew Polenzani, and the Concert Chorale of NY all led by Louis Langree. The music is ethereal as you would expect from Haydn and the singing was terrific, with a particularly strong contribution by Rose. There was a architectural contraption over the players that made the sound jump into the theater, good job, hope they keep it for the “real”season. Each day of Genisis unfolds with care and grace and not much pain, no snakes in the garden for instance; and ends with a flourish that brought the audience to it’s feet and Louis had to finally tell us it was time to go with a wave of the Hayn score that was the star of the show.


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