Anish Kapoor @ The Guggenheim 10/21/09

In Uncategorized on October 24, 2009 at 1:26 pm

How can you describe a giant tank that you have to look at from 3 different rooms and the central view is a black void? HMMM I just did! This sounds like a bore ,I know, but once you get there you are drawn in and try to figure out what’s happening here. Everyone has an idea and somehow is not shy to tell you. Maybe that’s what the piece is about?? The first view looks like a wine vat or some storage thing. In the second view there is a black void; the construction allows no light., and it is a little scary to face the black hole. For the third view, next flight up, maybe a bomb or submarine or…. Guessing what Amish Kapoor is doing with Memory is an intriguing experience that is for everyone and not just for the art nerds.This is a site specific work for the Guggenheim so it will have to stay near the museum and I hope they bring it out often,it’s worth the effort.


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