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Tim Burton@MoMA 11/21/09

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I know that I’m supposed to like this more than I do, so there was an “Edward Sissorhands screening before the opening party, the one that Tim didn’t come to, and a couple of glasses of wine and then to the show. It is hundreds of Tim Burton drawings and movie stuff and who cares? The place will be packed! My grandson really wanted to see this show and he’s 14 and I’m not. I even watched “Being John Malkavich” to help with the mood and I can’t get Mad Magazine and Edward Gorey and Sorel out of the picture. Cindy Sherman also comes to mind. Tim Burton is a huge talent and makes interesting films, but …


La Damnation de Faust @ The Met Opera 11/09/09

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The new productions at the Met get the old guard crazy and rightly so. This high tech staging of a piece that is not really an opera pushes a lot of buttons. I liked it a lot! The staging takes up all the musical intervals with modernish dancing and guys on ropes climbing up and down the facade and projected images that were a little spooky. It keeps what little bit of a story that there is moving. The singing was uneven with Ramon Vargas And Ildar Abdrazakov turning in creditable to good and Olga Borodina, miscast as Marguerite, singing well, but not great. The chorus is always wonderful and here they were placed in the action, being in Hell and Heaven and throughout the the story they showed up. Olga climbing the ladder to heaven in the fianale was a nice touch if she didn’t look so scared.There were more young people in the audience and that is the point! The new Met is pushing for more challenging operas, in the European style,and seems to be converting many and getting buzz from the rest, just to keep it interesting.

Urs Fischer Marguerite DePonty @ The New Museum 10/27/09

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Urs Fischer takes over most of The New Museum for a show that isn’t a retrospective but mostly new stuff. He didn’t dig up any floors, as he has done in the past, but there had to be structural reinforcements on one floor. It’s hard to describe what Urs is about because that is what he is about. What ever he is doing becomes the piece. I’m sure lots goes into this instillation, the program notes and the NY Times article tell the story of the exact specs of what he does. As with much “new art” having a hip inside view adds to the experience and this show is no exception. Some day I want to be hip! That being said this doesn’t require too much hipness to be enjoyable and there is some visceral reaction the whole show that makes for a terrific experience. It’s fun to go to the New Museum and see what provocation is happening, keep up the good work. Don’t miss the tongue in the wall on the second floor.

Cabaret @ The Museum Of The City Of NY 10/31/09

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My pal Susan Madden is the vice president of development @ TMOCONY and she introduced the “New York at 400 The Broadway View”. Michael Montel narrated while Nancy Anderson, Joy Lynn Matthews,Howard McGillin and Jim Stanek sang and Rick Hip-Flores played piano though an historical trip down Broadway.Most of the songs were unfamiliar to me, isn’t that what cabaret is about?, and there were some gems; “The Man in The Street”, “It Was Never You”,”April Snow” and of course “The Lullaby Of Broadway”. Snappy patter between the songs linked each one to a time period and who wrote what and all stuff you never knew but are glad to know now. The singing, and playing, was outstanding; with solos and duets and ensembles. There was a lot of acting too, many times I felt I was at the show, whew! These folks were so talented and such great performers that I’m glad there is this kind of format to see them and I hope to see more, sign me up!