La Damnation de Faust @ The Met Opera 11/09/09

In Uncategorized on November 10, 2009 at 2:11 pm

The new productions at the Met get the old guard crazy and rightly so. This high tech staging of a piece that is not really an opera pushes a lot of buttons. I liked it a lot! The staging takes up all the musical intervals with modernish dancing and guys on ropes climbing up and down the facade and projected images that were a little spooky. It keeps what little bit of a story that there is moving. The singing was uneven with Ramon Vargas And Ildar Abdrazakov turning in creditable to good and Olga Borodina, miscast as Marguerite, singing well, but not great. The chorus is always wonderful and here they were placed in the action, being in Hell and Heaven and throughout the the story they showed up. Olga climbing the ladder to heaven in the fianale was a nice touch if she didn’t look so scared.There were more young people in the audience and that is the point! The new Met is pushing for more challenging operas, in the European style,and seems to be converting many and getting buzz from the rest, just to keep it interesting.


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