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In Uncategorized on December 20, 2009 at 5:07 pm

The new director of the NY Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert, has promised to have more newly composed music and the first of these concerts was at Symphony Space. Magnus Lindberg, the composer in residence, conducted and chatted with the composers before each piece . The place was full of enthusiastic listeners for four world premiers by four composers. Arlene Sierra spoke about her interest in game theory and then we heard her aural conception of it in a interesting piece that moved the players into different groups for sounds. Then Lei Liang spoke about his new son Albert and how he assigned notes to Albert’s name and composed within that restriction and came up with a spacey sounding piece called Verge; like on the verge of this and that, great stuff. Marc-Andre Dalbavie said that he was moving towards a more linear type of composing and his piece, Melodia, was odd and charming at the same time. Arthur Kampela spoke of an Amazon legend, MACUNAIMA, and was a percussive holiday with the players moving down the aisles with noise makers and pulling strange sounds from the “real” instruments, pretty wild stuff.
I just hope that the new music isn’t delegated to odd venues, Not that Symphony Space is odd, but some how Mr. Gilbert finds a way to bring it to the Avery Fischer bunch too. I hate to say this, but take a peek at what Solonen did in L.A.


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