Last Look @ The Museum Shows

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2009 at 9:48 pm

OK the Guggenheim ‘s Kandinsky show is a block buster. It gets more beautiful every time you see it and the non representational art concept of Hela Rebay becomes more clear .
And so a trip to MoMA to see the Bauhaus, more Kandinsky and see how early to mid 20th century art unfolded. Lot’s of politics and utopian world views here, those damn Nazis closing it down, what could have happened. Next door the Oresco exhibit continues the “let’s make the guess” of the later half of the century.He is either very talented , and I don’t get it, or a well financed put together. Got to love the whale in the lobby.The Edward Sissorhands sculpture in he garden is a nice finish to the Tim Burton show that is wildly popular without any real merit as “art”
The Met continues to be the world class everything museum with the Samurai swords, I wonder what everyone is looking at; they are all the same. Robert Frank’s photo’s, on a Guggenheim grant coincidentally, are a striking reflection of mid century,20th, images that take in politics, finances and racial divides to remind us we haven’t come that far. Don’t forget how good the pics are! The American stories show really is an eye opener from the 18th & 19th & a little 20th century. It’s a nice response to the Frank in that the stories are a way of realizing that we are mostly of a pre enlightenment mentality no matter how sophisticated we think we are.
A revisit to The Whitney to see the abstractions of Georgia O’Keefe to see just how good this show is. The paintings and photos tell an early 20th century American story . The colors are bright and the sexual references are obvious, contrary to her denials, and it’ll be a shame when this shuts down. A pass on the Roni Horn, once is enough for that!
The gem that is called The Frick Collection is always quietly brilliant wit the Lugt collection of drawings from Watteau to Degas makes the soft statement that drawing is the basis for what we call art no matter how many video screens are turned on. As an afterthought maybe that’s what the Tim Burton show says too! This beautiful show is won’t get the noise of some of the block busters, but it adds to our city immeasurably


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