Vespers of1610@ St Ignatius

In Uncategorized on January 22, 2010 at 2:48 pm

Monteverdi’s Vespers are, it turns out, a smash up of old and very old styles. Trying to keep everyone happy in the Mantuan court and vieing for a Papal appointment, he composed his butt off and came up with this gem. Artex and The National Gallery of Art Vocal Ensemble and Piffaro AND Parthenia(viols), whew, preformed at St. Igantius to a full house that was very well-behaved through 2 hours,almost, of non stop liturgical magic. It is always wonderful to hear music in context(SMSS) and this bonus concert in the series was no exception. The voices were terrific and the early instruments sound excellent in this space. Perhaps because they are not so resonant, they seem to ring out more and get caught in the eaves of the church and sent back to make a glorious (no pun) sound. There were so many people involved that it would be difficult to single out anyone, except to say that the proformances was always at the highest level. The well priced tickets put this extrodinary music into the reach of many people and you have to be glad that so many artists are dedicated to keeping this music alive!


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