SMSS @St I I 2/16/10

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2010 at 2:46 pm

When I switched my Carnegie Hall tickets to go to this concert,there was a moment of panic, after all, Carnegie Hall. That being said, it was another wonder exploration of litergical music in the best palce to hear that kind of music, in a church, duh! The two Bach cantatas book ended the Steffani “Sabat Mater” . First Bach BWV 12, one wonders what it must have been like to go to mass on a Sunday and hear this for the first time, in context. Certainly Bach was the first of many wonderful composers, not the earliest, the best. Cantata 12 is another gem with arias and choral mixing to great effect, and the St. Ignatius players are simply wonderful. Kent Tritle has been doing this series for 21 years and you can hear the experience shine through. There are some new stars singing the solo parts; Katie Geissinger, mezzo, Steven Fox, tenor, and Peter Stewart, baritone, that fills the whole church! “Sabat Mater” followed and was glorious, is that what it’s supposed to be? Again the chorus and soloists alternate parts and again they were wonderful. I get tired of being so enthusiastic about these players, but they are THAT good. Finally the Bach Cantata 4, that is an early one and sounds like it. It seems to be of a different time as though Bach was not fully formed as a composer, but still what one comes to expect from Bach and the St Ignatius ensemble and I got Michael Feinstein tickets in the exchange at Carnegie Hall!!!!


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