Les Troyans Pt1 @ Carnegie Hall 3/9/2010

In Uncategorized on March 11, 2010 at 2:54 pm

Berlioz in a small dose in the best hall with Gergiev and Mariinsky is a recipe for a terrific night of music. Add to that a wonderful chorus and a string of very strong singers, led by Ms. Gubanova, we’ll hear more from her you can bet, and Carnegie Hall rocked! Les Troyans is good for Gergiev to recall the strong French influence on Russia in the last two centuries and he stood up to the task with a strong proformance, right in the middle of the action, no podium for Valery in this role. It seemed that he pulled the orchestra to all the right places. The way that Berlioz uses the chorus was on display with a lovely and rich sound from both the men’s and womans and joint parts. Oh, and the soloists were wonderful, you could make a case that they need more French lessons, but to this listener it was just what the doctor ordered for a night of Berlioz.


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