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Stravinsky Festival@ The NY Philharmonic 4/28/10

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Years ago a seat mate at Carnegie Hall did not renew her subsciption and I asked her why. She said she didn’t like the music. I countered that it was an excellent series, chamber works in fact, and replied:”YOU even like Stravinsky”. I got a full dose last night at the NY Phil concert conducted by Valery Gergiev and my freind was right, I even like Stravinsky! A giant orchestration including the Marinsky chorus opened with Zvezdolikiy a rarely heard gem was georgeous. The chorus , with that disticntive Russian sound told the the story of star face at the end of the world. Gergiev made the Philharmonic sound as though they spent the seaon in St. Petersburg. I’ve never heard quite the sound in the 30 years I have been a fan. If that wasn’t enough of a surprise Leonidas Kavakos playing the Violin Concerto took off from there. I should know this guy, but don’t. He is a terrific player, very dramatic, after all it is Stravinsy, and technically very sound . It was a wonderful rendition.And the Oedipus Rex, narrated by Jermy Irons, good choice V, and sung by Anthony Dean Grffy, and Waltraud Meier, Mikhail Petrenko in three roles and Alexander Timchenko, and the chorus again blew the top off AFHall. Maybe I’m just a fool for Russian music, but this final program in the series shows just how important Stravinsy was and again how good the NY Philharmonic is.


Armida@ The Met 4/19/10

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Anything that has Renee Fleming in it is something to see, hear?. She is wonderful in this hardly proformed Rossini opera. She is joined by a crew of tenors, that’s why it is not done much, led by Lawrence Brownlee as Rinaldo and we are glad that Peter Gelb had the vision to have this gem produced. The Met Orchestra is just the best, led by Ricardo Frizza and the chorus is terrific as usual. A modern set that captures the direction that the Met has to go in order to get a new audience as this one ages out. Love and Revenge are the choices, just like real life. Love enters just like the grammies this year and revenge is properly scary. And Renee sings and sings and sings. She is the Diva of our time.